Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Retired 'Kami'

[moe-ism rulez~]

these day i'm into a lazy-lazy-mode to write some fishy stuff, it might due to the upcoming quadrangle assignment plus teh awesomeness pop-quiz where my life is on ther line... i've even cut my enjoyable moment with my waifu and meido and might get even busier soon... this year i claimed it as the most hectic year i've face, part-time practical job during the semester break and a final project to make the thick as hell a thesis report... owh, my aniki get married too this March and the current so-called-home-sweet-home is no longer a place who can i walk-in and shout 'tadama' since the upcoming sista-in-law will staying there with my brother... plus my sista will cut-off the greatest snailmix since all this time she is the one who paid it... disposal i'll become... another note, suddenly, i lack of my daily expense since i've lend a great number of my saving to my-GREAT-aniki who will become a hubby soon -___-

this might be the time of me to get serious for my future... but fear not, 2D still is my priority, 3Ds out of question and i'll find another alternative for my internet life... definitely not mamak's wireless, mayhap it's the time for 4Mb snailmix in my new rent-house (obviously not Izumo House) soon before semester break... yeah, 4 room and 3 bathroom plus the monthly price still same with the current one :3...

[BGM: Mizuki Nana - Pride of Glory]


BbL-Kevinus said...

I have a relative who's now 30 something and has a kid... and still watches animes/ play eroge :O
but that's in Asia :P

Shinwa said...

well yeah... in my country, too many ppl with narrow minded... even the local news paper repeatedly attack em, animes, mangas and figures...


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