Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kami ill-fated

it has been 2 days i have a colds, headache over 9000! yeah, i have migraine but still go watch the promising match, Man Utd and Inter Milan this morning... however, it's end draw DX

fear not, something come to sight when lurking around... dark Nia materialize in the latest chapter Gurren Lagann High School XD

but still do want more stuff! quite rarely hanging around the internet these day... cant even think straight right now... *swallow a bunch of aspirin*


HafisUN said...

hope get well soon =D

rayneholde said...

so the manga's going to end at chap 6 ? oh shi- do wan more.

btw nice to see how lord genome being transferred from a gar toughie to a crazy dad lol


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