Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity


it has been a while i write something about eroge since Koihime Musou... and this time, it is no other than Tayutama which is i've completed it around a week ago plus it series will be airing in this Spring and some thought about Spring anime will comes later... well if it about nekomimi, obviously a must for me *droll*

about this universe, yet another deity concept but with a wise plot where it focusing on 4 gurls... Mashiro Mito, obviously a fox deity... Mifuyu Kisaragi, rich and cold type looking but surprisingly she acts more nicer than her look... Ameri Kawai, a childhood friend and of course it is a must for harem variety... and Yumina Takanashi, another obvious one *chough*loli*chough*

as well for those gurls, 4 routes to be chosen and i like all of the ending... which mean, here i can conclude 2 of the ending might possible for its series... 12 episode divide by 4 arcs, it's all depend on the male lead's priority and high possibility obviously for main female lead herself, Mashiro or childhood friend who will win, Ameri...

playing this eroge suddenly spoil my self if this anime adaptation faithfully follow the original plot where all who dont try this eroge might stunned by some particular event where even i amused with it and some of em makes me lol hard in Ameri's route XD... what can be sure, Mashiro's route give a biggest impact among another... on the side note, Mifuyu first time, she's being forced lol

First impression: a villain and loli fight :3

Mifuyu being rape by the main lead *nosebleeds* which remind me Tears to Tiara XD

Contra with Ameri who have devil-like wing, Yumina made a pact and obtain an angel-like wings

First prediction for anime ending, the future where Yuri made a pact for immortality to be with Mashiro forever

Second one, all impurities and Mashiro back to her former world... dont want this ending... period~

likewise, just after this one finished, another bunch of eroge awaiting... Ashita No Kimi To Au Tame Ni has been selected for the next progression...

[BGM: Eri Kitamura - Trust in Me]

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