Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag tag tag tah hape hape...

when mana-chi tag me... i'm clueless... firstly i though it is same like this, unfortunately its not... well whatever, i'll play along with it than since my connection back to normal speed again :3

01. three things that scares me...
-failed in exam
-lost my precious collection (HDD corrupt)

02. three people who makes me laugh...
-my current housemate (everyday full with lol)
-certain people in gforum
-several soccer player (i saw clown in the field)

03. three things i hate...
-the way that how majority of Malaysian thinks about anime
-i can stand hypocrite, but prejudice... no cure for them
-anime/manga end just like that, despite the plot can go further

04. three things i like...
-claiming 2D gurls
-watch anime/read manga
-play eroge

05. three things i don't understand...
-how can i created time machine
-chemical (eventhough i'm taking engineering now)
-advance kanji

06. three things i want to do before i die...
-have a children

07. three things i can do...
-driving + eating + listening music in the same time
-climbing coconuts tree
-watch anime non-stop moar than 24 hours

08. three things i can't do...
-drinks alcohol
-take drugs

09. three ways to describe my personality...
-Maeda Hachibei [Ai Kora]
-Kakeru Kurosawa [Onani Master Kurosawa]
-Jun Sakurada [Rozen Maiden]

10. three person i wanna tag...
-Remaja tanpa emosi (Rei-tard)
-Kidichi (Card-tard)
-K4in (Macross-tard)...

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