Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[PC] Shin Koihime Musou: First intuition

Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi

this time, the story runs with lots of surprising stuff... selecting one of three factions in the beginning surely makes it each of them have their own central event, to make it clearly, by choosing one faction, we cant getz a gurls from another two main factions and for Shoku route, the Yellow Turban Rebels is not a main incident but South barbarian instead...

for me, picking Shoku faction first is a must... and what’s more important, a new battle system which each character hold their own advantage when become a commander also not to forget the assistant who support the army power force... unlike last time, the formation is not the supremacy core anymore to win the battle plus the commander can used 3 different technique for each 5, 10 and 15 turns and the effect is due to the length turn...

Battle flow for Shoku/Shu faction

Yellow Turban Rebel/ Kihabatou faction
-faceless commander
-no Choukaku, Chouhou and Chouryou [damn!]

Toutaku’s army/ Tou faction
-Kayuu dies in Chouhi hand this time
-Chouryou joining Gi faction
-Ryofu and Chinkyuu escape
-Toutaku and Kaku become Kazuto’s meido

Enjutsu’s army/En faction
-Kousonsan joining Shouku
-unlike the last time, Enshou didn’t involve in this battle
-Enjutsu ally with Ryofu and Chinkyuu
-this battle outcome, Roufu and Chinkyuu join the party

Sousou’s army/Gi faction
-just to hold Sousou’s army and escape
-can used Ryofu, Chinkyuu and Chou’un only as a commander

Kouchuu, Gengan & Gien ‘s army
-all 3 of em joined Shoku later after get beaten

Nanban faction [nekomimi ftw!]
-quite familiar with the original history, Moukaku being teased by Shokatsuryou and Houtou’s ploy
-Moukaku joins the group
-Jing Providence created

still have to face Gi and Go faction but i temporary stop play here and start over again on Go faction route...

Character phase scene for Shoku/Shu faction

as the image shown, just a few selections for a single character pick while tagging em is just to created more tempting chronicle like Ryubi and Kan’u choice where triangle love materialize between em for Kazuto... Kan’u respect Ryubi as her superior rank person and Hongou as her master but knowing Ryubi and Hongou close relationship limits her feeling development toward Kazuto while Ryubi know well her sister feeling...

another lovely + loli and funny tag, Shokatsuryou and Houtou especially when they reading perverted books together to discover new ways to please Kazuto and got caught by Chou’un... not forget to mention Bachou and Batai, where Batai personality totally contradict with Bachou... also another highlighting tag, Kouchuu and Gengan, an “Unlimited Immense-Breast Works”...

hell, i didn’t even manage to completed the remaining fall series last episode just because need to focus in this eroge lawl... now i don’t even finished the Shoku faction and already started Go faction just on the way to hunt my other pray, Sonken and Choukaku despite that i still don’t know that she is available in Go route... another report will comes later lawl...

p/s-1: most of the time, only Kazuto got attacked instead be the wolf lawl
p/s-2: another factions will comes later :3


Anonymous said...

I have been browsing net for information about koihime musou games. So far I know the first pc version is licensed and translated to english and I have that and I finsihed all its paths but about it.

This was first bit of clear information I found on the new game, so I have few questions if you would be so kind to answer =)

First : This is a pc game right ? and not a psp one, seen lot of referances to psp game about.

Second : I got the image the psp game actually consists separate games for each faction, know anything bout it ?

Third : Any idea where I can aquire this game ? I can't find anything about it not on commercial or illegal sources >.>

Thanks for the articles,this game sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well I can answer that for u
First:Yes it is a PC game.For most VN they usually starts with PC versions.
Second:Well since the PC version consists of three different factions.
U should know this game is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms rite? So the PSP game separated the factions.Each versions had different stories and endings.
Third:Well I can't help u much on this, try googling it or find somewhere.

Anonymous said...

where can i download this game !!!!


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