Friday, December 12, 2008

Macross 7: Insert song

just recently i started watch these series, credit to k4in... Macross series without enormous songs is a taboo and so far, i'm hook with a few insert song in it and drag me to download the whole Macross 7 OST album... then, proceed with Shinwa's pick :)

[HERE] Nekki Basara - Planet Dance
[HERE] Nekki Basara - Totsugeki Love Heart
[HERE] Mylene Jenius - My Friends


Johan said...

Can u help me find ost for the 1st macorss (super defense fotress macross).

Thanks in advance

Johan Firdaus

Shinwa said...

i'll try, but not so soon since i didnt really watch 1st Macross series :3


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