Friday, December 26, 2008

SKM moe league! Winners

yeah and yes, the winner has been decided since the match begin... Renfa and Karin run after each other until yesterday, Renfa take quite huge lead by 200 votes and now, she won this match... XD

same case for Touka and Sei but Touka take a lead little earlier to left Sei behind... also, quite shock for me where Ren suppose to be the 5th place and drop to 6th since before this, Nagi, Aashe and Miu got the fewest votes than Ren and their vote is equalize with each other... and the worst thing is, Miu won over Tenhō before is just for nothing, got the last placed instead...

01. Sonken Chūbō (Renfa) 孫権 - 6462 votes
02. Sōsō Mōtoku (Karin) 曹操 - 6187 votes
03. Ryūbi Gentoku (Touka) 劉備 - 2998 votes
04. Chō'un Shiryū (Sei) 趙雲 - 2405 votes
05. Gakushin Bunken (Nagi) 楽進 - 1704 votes
06. Ryofu Hōsen (Ren) 呂布 - 1692 votes
07. Ryomō Shimei (Aashe) 呂蒙 - 1678 votes
08. Enjutsu Kōro (Miu) 袁術 - 1673 votes

additional note, it's game, 'Shin Koihime Musou' has been released [HELYEAH!!!] but unfortunately i miss to start download it a little earlier after the release bcoz my friend invited me to play futsal and went home quite late... damn!

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