Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Shock: another Romance of Three Kingdom rant

[warning: adult contain!]

there is a tons of 'H' in my possession but only a few of em suit my taste including this one where 'Romance of Three Kingdom' parody once again be a victim [lol]... unfortunately, this time Shokatsu Koumei play as a man where usually as a loli (Ikkitousen & Koihime Musou)... the art is awesomely nice done by Yasui Riosuke and 2 chapter has been released so far plus i highly believe there are still more of it, soon enough XD

chapter 1 [HERE]
chapter 2 [HERE]


darkk25 said...

i will follow u if u link me another chappie of these..


Shinwa said...

u can count on me...

*wink* *wink*


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