Friday, December 5, 2008

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica

Human beings rely on the miracles of fairies, while the fairies that have materialized in this world survive on the music played by humans. The fairies' powers are directed by Dantists, who play special music and are widely respected. Most fairies don't usually appear, but some have enough power to materialize in the shapes of human beings or animals to spend their time living in peace together with mankind.


a song that touching any fairies heart apparently will pledge a vow to be your servant XP... melodies as the main point here, also the co-existence between 2 races need each other and bound by the contract and will be called Dantists, musician specialist... play the music, fairy power up and the action begin! Akai Megami rules!

such a long time i want to watch this series but frequently forget bout it... first time watch it, ep-1, a year ago is the dark time for my HDD DX, so, collecting anime is impossible... learning bout the second season is coming, DANG! need to finished this immediately...

so far it has a good concept but weak for plot development, most of ep being treated as a slice of their life... however, been serving by a nice calm bmg each ep is acceptable especially the last ep... unfortunately, but it end just like that because the plot can go more than that and hav potential... there is certain character appeared in OP didnt show up too, i mean they shows up just a few second in the last ep without knowing what are they... wise decision for second season :D

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