Sunday, December 7, 2008

Da Capo alteration... Nanaka goddess

Da Capo II Imaginary Future is a side-story spin-off manga based on Circus’s top-selling 18+ (adults-only) game, D.C. II ~Da Capo II~. This is actually the second manga based on Da Capo II in active serialization. As the title “Imaginary Future” suggests, this manga proposes an alternate deviation from the game’s premise, where fan-favorite Nanaka Shirakawa (speculated to be a descendant of the famous Kotori Shirakawa) is the story’s main heroine. [edit from Yakusoku]


i'm die waiting for this manga released, it cant be helped since i'm Nanaka fans (obviously she is in the top 10)... btw, Da Capo II anime can be considered as a fail ending for me, this may course by they are focusing only in certain character till the end and nothing like best-gurl-win though, i even skip most of part in the last episode... despite the second season created to fix it, but still not good enough for me... first Da Capo series (season 1 and 2) contain more than 20 episodes, why not for Da Capo II? nonetheless, soon enough (December 25) they will release OVA that centered Kotori Shirakawa as a main female character... conclusion can be made that OVA for Nanaka is a MUST!

back to Imaginary Future, for now, only 2 chapter has been released... the first one is the prelude and the second one is the real 1st chapter... seeing interchange aperture than the real plot, Nanaka is living with Yoshiyuki and Sakura though in the same occasion, it can tell how the plot is going plus the improvement of relationship between both Yoshiyuki and Nanaka...

She is quite bold, that why i like her compare to Yume

Nanaka expression... PRICELESS!!! XDDD

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