Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The World God Only Knows: quick review arc

does the list of these girls make him a lucky bastard?

it has been awhile i didnt post anything, well i'll make this a quick glimpse about 'The World God Only Knows' recent arc (chapter 81-88)... very interesting i must say, Keima-Yui switch body and makes him develop more passion into the body of the girl even falling deeper when hooked onto bishounen games (LOL)... however, its instructed him to shouldered the role of heroin and ends it with wonderfully as shoujo-ending-like ;D ... ALL HAIL CAPTURING GOD!!!

p/s: how is it a feel when kissing yourself? :P


niwa87 said...

He is now girl and have girls heart and did fall a little for 'Keima', so, feel great? lol

ShinXII said...

oh i already read this but it is still ongoing and it is really funny


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