Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poll Result: To-Love-Ru contest


i've closed the poll yesterday, well i'd closed it last month but too busy with stuff :P... anyway with the total 454 votes, the champ is clear, firstly i kinda surprised because i thought either Yami or Yui will win this but surely cant underestimate Lala supporters... the 4th place is obvious, this is not To-Love-Ru if Mikan are not there while 5th place owns by Momo, her late anime debut for sure is a huge step ahead... for the 6th place, heh Riko beat Haruna, trap ftw~ the rest no need to be mention, they all share quite same amount of votes except Risa without any vote...

well i'll think about the next poll title, not sure if its about characters or else but i wont start it in this short period... :3

dont mess with Momo

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