Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kowarekake no Orgol OVA


The story centers around Keiichiro, a young musician. One rainy day, he takes shelter in an old shrine. There he notices a little girl, sitting on a chair, surrounded by garbage, she herself is but trash – an android that had been thrown away. Something in Keiichiro tells him to take her with him. After going to the android repair shop, he’s told that she will never function again... -Animetake-

after a freaking two years since its first demo, the subs is finally here- almost 30 minutes long OVA i'm totally touched with the ending, it has been awhile i feel like this since i watched 'Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu' and 'Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora' in short series category- yes, this is a doujin anime, illustration by POP who works on Moetan... a beautiful animation nevertheless plus sort of a wise way how the story flows, point up how Flower spend her blissful time daily till her last moment u_u amazing and fitting ED song as well... and i'm absolutely recommended this OVA to all people who stumbles upon this humble blog...

Flower ish moe! *omochiakeri-mode activated*


HafisUN said...

might wanna take a look into it ^^

shinwa said...

a MUST for you- ;)

rayneholde said...

i've seen this one the moment you mentioned it on tweet; definitely is a good watch if i must say myself.

since this is a dojin anime i am not sure if the story will be expanded further, but i'd love to see more if it were to be so^^


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