Friday, July 3, 2009

Clannad: Kyou Chapter


Title: Clannad: Another World - Kyou Chapter
Production: Kyoto Animation

Genres: romance, drama

Rates: 10/10

i've been waiting for this and at last! still faithfully based on Clannad visual novel: Kyou's route... but somehow i found it a bit rushed plus it only runs about 23+ minutes? D;
other than that, all r great and the story is much better than Tomoyo Chapter, triangle love between the twin... well, kinda disappointed too when she cut her hair but still nice looking... Kyou is my favorite in Clannad after all XD

WHY KYOU?! because...

-long hair

[ incredibly hawt especially when she tied it with ponytail style XD ]


[ obviously the main factor! well Tomoyo r tsundere too but didnt express much with her cold attitude ]

[ this might be a minor aspect, but still if there's any twin, one of them must be outstanding ;D ]

i think that makes Clannad chronicle comes to end tho i doubt if there is any OVA like Kotomi or Fuko chapter...

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Kyouuu :D


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