Friday, July 24, 2009

Intermission Rant: when Shin goes random

Sanae ftw! what would ye expect from the 2nd miko in Touhou ;D

arghh!!! lazy, i r too lazy... how do 'i' expect 'me' to writes the first impression for summer shows while i'm watching almost all of them, probably more than 8 series while my celcom broadband goes gay all times interrupting my download and forced me went to the nearest CC for a few new episodes getz... i never feel desperate like this since i've stopped using snailmix... deja vu? like hell! KyoAni ruined my favorite series with those stupid re-cycling stuff D<

well, yeah i got another option like overnight-ing at my faculty alone... but still not convenience enough, since i need to stay up till morning with uncomfortable environment and surrounding... also, the episode getz must be in bundle and at least 12 episodes, any series will do but most of time, i ends up picking new/old series i've yet to watch...

to kill time while waiting alone in a big building is not funny indeed... that why recently i'm hooked with Touhou lol ... well another games will do too but obviously not eroge ;3 ... which it remind me, it has been a month i didnt touch any eroge including the pending one O: ... dont ask me why, probably my mood have yet to come... yet i'm still waiting for Little Buster from my friend though...

snailmix is sux indeed, people complain about their speed while i complain about why at my place, the server frequently down! but celcom r more sux and even worst... i'm the only one who used it and yet i cant download from megaupload and rapidshare, the reason: parallel download... fck this, i dont even know and far from being mention about celcom user r sharing their IP address with another user DX ... morale - dont buy celcom broadband!

p/s: SWR ftw! i do hope Sanae will appear in the next Touhou fighting game ;D

p/s2: it's conform already! Sanae will appears in the next Touhou fighting game ver 12.3 titled Touhou Hisoutensoku... site


rayneholde said...

i think kyoani is purposely abusing us all.

my pain nowadays came from how MU often fail midway for every fukken d/l, which is why for the last few months i barely get to watch any anime at all. good thing however i discovered a new sauce which offers .mp4 files upped on MF which is DAP / IDM friendly... which means hime is now back on srs anime bznz :3 [ rite now i am completing all 12 asu no yoichi and maria+holic episodes in just 5 hrs lol ]

celcom is right under TM so do expect their service to be as shatty as snailmyx, which is why i never bother on subscribing both :3

p/s : oh shi- moe word verification get !!!111 : TESSA [ mai submarine driving waifu ]

Shinwa said...

well i didnt dl anime using MU since i know the consequence... and is my 1st priority atm... hatred towards MU and RS only happen when i want to dl manga D;

about internet provider, Wimax is on the top atm, i hav try em using my friend's b4... unfortunately the coverage didnt reach my residence D:


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