Monday, June 22, 2009

Bamboo Blade


Title: Bamboo Blade
Production: AIC A.S.T.A.
Genres: sports, comedy
Rates: 9/10

such a disgraceful of me coz didn’t get in touch on this series for a quite time, i’m planning to watch it long ago but always being delayed... only start to watch it after read it’s manga and found it quite entertain...

by using Kendo as a main pinpoint, the concept are wise in term a group of gurls compete in kendo sport while one of them is already overkill level...

compare to manga, 1/3 parts of it’s anime is an obvious fillers, make a new character to become Tamaki rival, somehow i kinda... can accept it coz it’s turned out to be a good one... well, i’m an anti-filler to begin with ;P


other than that, background music is not disappointing too especially the clash between Tama-chan and Rin, and Miya and Clair in episode 25... apparently Tama-chan’s manga original opponent, Sakaki Ura only appear at the end of this series and leave it cliffhanging and i dont think there is any sequel... *gb2 manga* D;

Kirino ftw >///<


the princess known as manamana said...

arara- you're late. nice thing that you finally realized the goodness of this show.

and plz back off from saya if you were ever interested in her. she's mine lawl

Shinwa said...

late indeed, shame me >///<

btw, i like Kirino moar than Saya ;333

super gattai princess manamana said...

kirino has a very charming personality, however her fetish into sweaty things draws me off lol.

btw nobody wants a miyamiya ? man she's dangerous :3

Shinwa said...

sweaty is smexy >D

Miyamiya? i'll pass lol


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