Sunday, June 28, 2009



Title: K-ON!
Production: Kyoto Animation
Genres: comedy
Rates: 8/10

at last, the most overhyped anime in this spring closed it's curtain whilst i can sense they will conquer the next year saimoe league for sure... despite for being a 4-koma manga adaptation, KyoAni made their job quite well eventhough most of the seiyuu are underrated...

animation style... what can be expected from KyoAni, always being top when it comes about moe stuff especially Azusa appearance XD... more than that, K-ON! presenting quite decent music, it doesnt have any exiting element or all time favorite in my list but still enjoying and deserved to become my collection...

btw, second season is a must... i want to see more member in the club as well budokan getz ;D ... a little slide from manga, when they were asked by Sawako to sell her old guitar ;3

cant get enuff, Azu-nyan~ lol

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