Thursday, June 18, 2009

Princess Lover: VN FTW!


Title: Princess Lover!
Story rates: 8.5/10
BGM rates: 7.5/10
CG rates: 8.5/10
Overall rates: 8/10

quite a rare concept i’ve through here, hitting the princess, noble, idol or meido in modern age without any magical or fantasy stuff... obviously i’ve never seen it’s kind yet ;D

4 routes available, each have their own difficulties... honestly i like Silvia but Seika’s route is finest while Charlotte and Yu ‘s route is obvious... well, actually i’m quite uneasy with Charlotte’s freaking huge breast, it’s too overrated D:

looking forward for anime adaptation this Summer... can tell a huge different in character design by watching it’s PV, also the first encounter between Tepei and Charlotte might be interesting ;D



manamana said...

hime loves seika and yu >///>

Anonymous said...

can u tell me where u downloaded the game? I wanna try it so bad after watching the first ep of the anime (>///<)

-message me on my blog if u will. ty


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