Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prism Ark: Love2Max


Title: Prism Ark ~Love2Maximum~
Plot rates: 6/10
BGM rates: 7/10
CG rates: 8.5/10
Overall rates: 7/10

Lazy to write long essay, so here goes for nothing... Love2Max presented the sequel for each characters ending... moreover, new character being added, and her characteristic is contrary with Litte even the name are inversed, Ettil ;P

For some reason, I find it less epic in than the previous one, unwise plot... it rather become a common eroge while trying to pull bad jokes... but the CG more or less didn’t disappoint me though ;D


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manamana said...

i see sister hell's back as theresa in this game ? shi- must have one desu :3


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