Sunday, December 6, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Title: Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2
Platforms: PS3, XBox360, PC
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward
Rates: 10/10

i dont remember when is the last time i played FPS game but it surely quite long time, by skipping 'COD: World at War' for some reason, Modern Warfare 2 is utterly awesome, graphic wise, more new weapon and an addition for extra gameplays (climbing, surfing etc)... not to mention an intense storyline is the big factor why i like it since the 1st Modern Warfare, too bad i feel like the campaign mode is too short, i've been mention that COD: MW famous because of it's multiplayer though i never tried it before...

nonetheless, manage to finished all missions with ease though the only mission i fuck-up so much time is 'Enemy of My Enemy', the last part when Roach and Ghost escaping from massive enemy scramble, die many time yet at the end he still get killed... WTF so much, srsly pissing me off Dx

more plus point, it just too great when they brings up Captain Price back and tagging him with Soap which is currently an awe-inspiring man he become after 5 years... furthermore, shooting civilian mission, USA being attacked, battlefield at the White House, all things are splendidly made... USA lost once and then claims back without expand the story for counter-attack towards Russia ultimately response for the 3rd installation of Modern Warfare and ofc a big DO WANT!


ShinXII said...

i play it on xbox 360 with the veteran difficulty XD
it was freaking hard
i think it is easier to play it on the pc

HafisUN said...

seems my com pass to the maximum specification to play this game according to [] ^^

shinwa said...

FPS fit best on PC no matter what, well for me at least lol... i've tried FPS in console b4, dam so awkward xP

haha good for you, i only play it using somebody PC though my latop cant even support even the minimum spec requirement for this game ;P

ShinXII said...

if my pc can play it ofcos i play it on the pc i cant even play COD4 on my pc

shinwa said...

same here, i only haz wood pc and this crappy laptop though u_u
but it's good as long as i can watch anime with it ;D

ShinXII said...

i only been using the laptop to watch anime and browsing internet but game that larger than 4GB my laptop cannot play it,and my pc is an antic im surprised that it still work XD

cartucho r4i said...

this games multiplayer is amazing. yes the story makes no sense but o man the graphics and intensity of multiplayer are even above cod 4. amazing game top notch..

Tammy Nguyen said...

Love playing it on PS3. I can't get enough of it. I always play Modern Warfare 2. Lol. Espectially Online. I can't playing it. Soo much FUN!! Lol. Im about to go and paly it. Im like, OBESSED. And I can show that you CAN be a girl to play. ^^

Anonymous said...

COD MW2 Killcam


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