Thursday, December 3, 2009

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President [Part 2]



Miyoshi Ran or being called Ran-nee of all people... Jun first crush also his childhood friend as well like Yuki, he confessed to Ran before 'Yuki become the president' event but get rejected eventually and under the same massive brainwash disorder, she become the Chief of Staff in the new United States of Nippon... a year older than Jun, ofc a sempai by default and her personality are quite predictable, always teasing Jun by using their age different or onee-san term as an excused despite she really like him... back-pressed-breast toward the lucky bastard Jun is her well known trademark and cooking is her another specialty caugh*naked-apron ftw~

she is also under disguise of a self-proclaimed mahou shoujo 'Feather Moon' who helped Jun from being assassinated by unknown armed meido also in disguise, Kuon... just in case Kuon only wears black glasses and her hair being tied up yet no one recognize her, typical stuff is typical... well later it been revealed that Ran is also an alien same kind with Kuon also the reason she have magical power...

other words, this route drops the biggest hammer-impact onto Yuki when Jun-Ran relationship are exposed, i cant helped myself for pitying her, so does Ell... owh if only harem route do exist u_u ... well at least Jun got panda father-in-law in this course lol

cosplay contest?



it being conceal that Jun existence himself resolve the appearance of an alien around him, one side to protected him and one with the opposite motive besides of the real meaning behind his superhuman power get... but for sure, Remi is annoying like always


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