Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weiss Survive: Ridiculous Card Battle ever

Title: Weiss Survive / Weiss Survive R (sequel)
Producers: TBS
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi

stumble upon a short anime called Weiss Survive and took me less than one hour to completed it... well card battle is not really my type but this one more into humor instead, though it's not that funny as another epic comedy but still enjoyable and worth time for at least 3 minutes per episode :3 ... 16 total episodes followed by the sequel titled Weiss Survive R with currently 1 episode has been released and hey, i saw Nanoha's deck :P


HafisUN said...

gonna take a look out of it ^^

shinwa said...

yeah u can take a look but dint expecting highly on it ^^

HafisUN said...

ok ^^


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