Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lulz of Caturday: The Journey to PC Fair


kinda tired today, i went to my friend house this morning in intention to inviting him to PC-Fair, the event where many stores are open to sell the 1st-hand computer related gadgets and ofc it's quite famous event among Malaysia people... but i ends up playing game and eventually hook with it, loosing the real purpose because of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' infront my eyes for the next 5 hours straight by completing all missions xP ... well, i still go latterly...


nothing much can be expected in PC-Fair, all new gadgets is awesome indeed but ur wallet need to be awesome as well... i kind of enjoying myself at sound-system section, turned up all the speakers volume for the lulz... furthermore, the sexy gurls is everywhere but they doesnt pulled my interest much, dunno about Comic Fiesta for the next few weeks though...

spending about 2 hours there, experienced tuna-sardin-in-can-like, i manage to filled my sole reason went there, a 1TB ext HDD: WD My Book Essential cost about 300 bucks at my service for now on... more than that, Streamyx new promotion do attached me as well, upgrading 1Mb into 2Mb without additional cost for the next 4 months :D ... it's not like i didnt satisfy with the current one but the advertising is just too tempting xD


end of story, i didnt take any picture or not even want it... looking forward for the upcoming CF, i still not sure if i can attends it since there's another event i need to go, my childhood friend is getting married at the same day as CF running u_u

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