Friday, August 28, 2009

Figurine : Nodocchi [Saki]


Title: Nodocchi a.k.a. Haramura Nodoka
From: Saki [anime]
Company: Wave

fuck yeah! the 1st Saki's figure! well it's only Nodocchi though i'm more worship Nodoka, Yuuki tacos goes second followed by Saki herself, others can die... well since this one is from Wave, i wont expect much from them except the chest part *blush* ... still, she looks great ofc ... i'm lookin forward for the actual Nodoka's figure, please be it Good Smile Company or Alter...



Iceman Hottie said...

I love anime figures, I got a few at Supernova last time I was there and loved the detail. Where do you get your figures from. Also is Saki any good watching?

Shinwa said...

nahh, it's not mine yet, Nodocchi will be released january next year... most of the info i got it from here

about Saki, i'm no mahjong player myself but still can enjoy the show decently ;D


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