Friday, August 28, 2009

Gaia ver. 3.0 beta: Now is online


quite a busy stuff i've encounter yesterday, the cause is i'm trying a new template for the lulz b4 and without any backup, it was obviously auto-reset for all Gaia stuff u've seen b4 this... in the end, gawd has decide for a new environment for this shrine...

since the template i've gather is all too flashy and girly for meh [lolwut]... i've decided to change it a little, but at the end, i change a lot of stuff makes me vow to never do this again anymore in future... i want to make it simple but still i took it seriously lawl... adjusting the layout drove me to closed Gaia's door yesterday, sorry for the inconvenience...

well, about the theme, firstly there's 2 designate name in my mind, Touhou and Umineko... ultimately i pick Umineko instead, and then the new problem is coming, i need to design header, footer, etc etc plus at the same time need encodes the new layout as well... what a hell i've been through with this empty stomach...!

ofc it's not 100% completed yet, i forgot to put the title at the header... it may look simple but not for me, font, size, text color all need to be considered plus i never thinks about the suitable phrase along with the title yet like how i did b4 D:

why 3.0? well IIRC this is the 3rd time already, i change the whole layout, so that why... anyway, enjoy the more wider image from now on *giggles*

p/s: currently i've thinking to change my pic source from either imageshack or xs since photobucket is full of crap with their auto-shrink mode D:

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