Sunday, August 30, 2009

Independence Day + 200 Gaia getz


yeah, today is Malaysia 52nd independence day and i has done nothing except shut-in myself in this room, downloading anime/manga stuff, dota etc... i've plans to lurk around Bukit Bintang today but get canceled due to foreseeing how pack-with-human it will be since today is a public holiday, maybe... plus in this fasting month, i became more lazier than b4 lol...

in other note, this is the 200th post as well for Gaia while it 1st anniversary is just around the corner... who ever thought i've reach this much though most of my post r nothing special lol... as be mention, i still hasnt fix the header yet, yeah, lazy, not today mayhaps next month...

another random, this are the scene from Needless anime episode 9 which a pure win with laugh... conclusion, dont be fooled by the cuteness of the lolies :3


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