Friday, August 28, 2009

To Love-Ru: Chapter 162 [END]


Title: To Love-Ru / Trouble / とらぶる
Author: Hasemi Saki
Artist: Yabuki Kentaro
Genres: should i mention it ;3
Rates: 9.5/10

that is, the chronicle of the most awesomeness harem ever meet the finished line... Rito confess to Lala, i rejoice, but when he mention about Haruna as well... a flash thought comes to my mind, this will eventually went to harem ending... bull's eye after the following more than few page, it's turned out that Rito confess to everybody [including Mikado lawl]... misunderstanding still plays its role even until the end, that To Love-Ru is...

overall i'm pleased with this ending despite it can go much more further... besides, Rito hasn't confess to Haruna yet... it's not like i'm hoping he'll do that, just hope this series still continues with the crazy daily life full of the encountering of ecchi stuff, eyecandy etc in case that u can considered it was an above of the decent level... plus cursing Rito every weeks already become a habit lol

a few highlight for the closing curtain, Lala's blushing is lovely, well since the occasion to see her like that is quite rare, that is... as well a little slot for Yami is more than enough for me... Yui reaction, yes it was expected indeed lol, among the finest harem... to bad we couldnt see Mikan and Momo much in this last chapter... all i can say is, this ending makes the reader like it and at the same time hate it though i've rant enough for the past few days ;3

bye2 my dear Yami-chan~


p/s: lookin forward for To Love-Ru 2nd set of OVA, a twin debut is a huge plus ofc


rayneholde said...

so it ends, though i am yet to have my read of the final chapter [ a bit busy on altering my bloggie ]


bye bye yui-tan :3

TJ said...

So sad to see the series end so suddenly, but I guess all good things must come to an end? Maybe Yabuki will bring Yami back in another series.

Anonymous said...

Sadness… this is a great manga with great drawings, I hope that the mangaka will write the part 2 in the future.
I don’t like this strange ending but I read on internet that the mangaka wants to write the end of this story because Haruna resemble him his wife and they broke up. In this part of the story the harem ending is the only one possible because Lala, Haruna, Run, Yui, Momo and Celine are all in love with Rito… (and Nene, Mikan and Yami are also interested in him)

I don’ like Haruna, in all early champters I cheer for Lala but in the last chapters both Yui and Yami are also great alternatives.


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