Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Title: NEEDLESS ED Single - Aggressive zone
Artist: NEEDLESS GIRLS+ [Kitamura Eri, Endou Aya, Gotou Saori, Makino Yui, Katou Emiri, Chihara Minori]

1. Aggressive zone
2. Amakute Marui Ashita
3. Aggressive zone (Crystal Blue Sky Remix)
4. Aggressive zone (off vocal)
5. Amakute Marui Ashita (off vocal)



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finally, this single is the most wanted ending song for me in this summer and as expected, the full ver. was better... combination of 5 seiyuu which is 3 of them is among my favorite seiyuu... Kitamura Eri, Endou Aya, Gotou Saori, Makino Yui, Katou Emiri and Chihara Minori, 'Aggressive zone' as a result... as a plus, remix ver. it was a nice though ;D

p/s: the green haired gurl at ED is Cruz lawl, what a trap... i think this is not a new for those who read it's manga (exclude me for sure...)

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Anonymous said...

thank you for all the soundtracks i love you!!! and i love these songs!


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