Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Love-Ru ending!? FUKIN' RANT!!!



somehow i suddenly just encounter this SHOCKING news, dunno it just a troll or not but To Love-Ru manga is about to reach it's ending... i hav a bad feeling about this since a hint about the latest chapter, if Rito confess, everything will end, that harem is... ffffuuuuuuu~ the greatest harem is no more, cant curse Rito every week anymore, no Yami... Y_Y DONT WANT!!! I WONT APPROVE THIS!!! DX

btw, the point is, who will he choose? obviously 2 names only, Lala and Haruna... i feel bad for others though i prefer polygamy or Lala ending ;P ... seriously this series can go forever even after the confessing since there's no main plot... i dunno who should i C4-ing for causing this ruckus D< ... TLR is popular what, compare to the freak ninja and boring shinigami =___=

for god sake, the poll is up... my prediction, it will be either Yami or Yui will conquer this ;D ... ALL HAIL TO LOVE-RU!!! u gurls will live in my heart forever!!! well Yami is always to be beside me ;P


p/s: dammit, b4 this Kyou and now Yami D;
p/s2: well this is just the intermission rant b4 the real one though...

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