Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cavalier of the Abyss: Earliest Impression

Jae's daughter? approved!

Title: Cavalier of the Abyss
Artist: JUDER
Author: GA On-Bi
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
Rates: 8/10
(till chapter 9)

An indirect sequel of Immortal Regis happened more than a decade after Immortal Regis event. Jae Hyuk now is a new Regis (king) of Chaos called Nex in task to spreads his reign all over place which is brings more enemy onto him in either political or revenge purpose.


firstly, i was a bit disappointed when find out that Cavalier of the Abyss (CotA) is not direct sequel of Immortal Regis (IR) with a new main character etc and the period might be plusminus 20 years after the incident in IR... well i still can accept that at least, but when it revealed that Jae turns out to be an antagonist (it seem like that), that was totally a huge letdown, more hurt when seeing Serin being sealed away by Jae and just keep her as a blood-bank... though the only hint that why he hates her is the her betrayal in IR before or it must be something new after that...

Serin confirmed!

no wonder why some (cant tell minority or the opposite) of IR fans hate this sequel... but still, for me it's just too early to make the final judgment plus i still have faith on them especially the 5-star improvement on it's art is more than enough satisfaction and not to forget the characters design, also thus the new inspiration on it concept by trying to pull something unusual and out of the typical-shounen-cycle, cliche or something like that...

Depore confirmed!

anyways, cant expects something when it comes about manhwa... both author and artist can makes IR that awesome, why not CotA? new characters isnt bad either, ofc Yuan is the main target at the moment though Xix (or whatever they called him, not consistent duh) a bit cocky compare to Jae before... and trivially brings in an adult Serin and an unchanged (physically) Depore... more and more new characters in the whole 9 chapters with more unfilled holes, particularly after Serin's reaction when Xix's heart being pulled out is the question than concerned me most... what i can do for now is just crossing my fingers and waiting for more translated chapters by ManWhore-Scans...

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