Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 4: DisCode

album cover

Title: DisCode
Artist: Kanae Sakura


01. Prologue
02. 第一章 Discode
03. Interval-1
04. 第二章 月無夜~Mid Night~
05. Interval-2
06. 第三章 鎮魂歌が聴こえてきたなら ~REQUIEM~
07. Epilogue
08. Discode(alternative ver.)
09. Discode(without vocal)
10. 月無夜~Mid Night~(without vocal)
11. 鎮魂歌が聴こえてきたなら ~REQUIEM~(without vocal)
12. Discode(ED size)


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this is obviously another one of my favorite Umineko album song, it's a worth for those who are collecting it the Umineko awesomeness music, no objection... in fact DisCode is the ending song which is been played specially in Episode 4(Alliance) sung by Kanae Sakura, it leaves me a big impact how they ends it, appropriate and perfect with the situation thus the reason i like it... hopefully DEEN will re-used DisCode in anime, yeah just hoping it ;3

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