Friday, November 13, 2009

Umineko Fan-made Animation


Umineko visual novel reader should aware enough that DEEN is trolling around with anime series, too much unsatisfied factor especially a bullet-train pace as a result, forsaking a certain crucial scene in case they're trying to squeezes the whole first 3 arcs (Legend, Turn, Banquet) in 6 episode... dont know about Alliance since it still on aired but so far the pacing are still acceptable, for me at least...

well i rant enough but the priority of this post is these 2 fan-made moving picture that worth enough to be highlight... huge spoiler warning for the second video

more accurate situation for Beato vs Virgilia in Banquet... well compared to DEEN's, utterly tedious!

final scene in Alliance, they deserve more than credit for making this awesome... it just a matter of time DEEN, inb4 moar barrelrages


BlueberryLover said...

:O so much effort

Shinwa said...

not a wasted effort ;D

TJ said...

The bottom was actually fan made animation? That's pretty darn impressive.


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