Monday, November 9, 2009

Umineko Music Circle

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Title: CT/Luck Ganriki CD
Artist: Katakiri Rekka, Nei Kino, Kanae Sakura, Zakuro Motoki

01. ご来場の皆様へ
02. Happy Maria! -BAND ARRANGE-
03. ウサンノカオリ
04. 大いなる金持ち
05. 花園の崩壊
06. Birth of a new witch
07. 出演者よりお知らせ
08. Happy Maria!-BAND ARRANGE-(off vocal)
09. ウサンノカオリ(off vocal)
10. 大いなる金持ち(off vocal)
11. Birth of a new witch(off vocal)


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awright, for those who are familiar with Umineko VN should recognize these song very well since it has being used as bgm in Episode 4, mostly, well basically it's not an original bgm but already being altered in rock version... credits to 3 dudes serap-kiru-eichi music-tard team, i'm aware of this album and what can i say is... ITS ROCK! especially 'Happy Maria!-BAND ARRANGE-' addicting song is addicting!




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