Sunday, November 8, 2009

Immortal Regis: Last Impression


Title: Immortal Regis
Artist: JUDER
Author: GA On-Bi
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
Rates: 9/10


One day, suddenly... a night where the moon shines like never before, a boy meets the otherworldly Serin, a denizen of Chaos, only to die and become the undead. Now immortal, he can no longer exist with humans due to an ancient law... A tale of revelations that begins as he returns to Chaos, the start of a new adventure!



alright it has been awhile since i write something about manga but this time it is manhwa... though the different is it comes from a differ country, and here it come for my latest pick, Immortal Regis... at first i just picked this out randomly but it turns to be promising one and keep me read it till the end, nice gamble is nice... though i recommended this one, my taste may differ so dont put a blame on me



a wise-plot among it’s kind though i'm not into manhwa much, character's name factor i suppose? yeah hard to memorize but i'd make this one as an exception, the arts and design for both characters and setting are quite typical but it owns trademark itself when it come to action, even a slips of a fan-service do maintain it on track and didnt hurt much yet still delicious...

as the main character(Jae and Serin) development, it was quite thoughtful with purposely thorny their relationship by parting them at almost the whole story, yeah no spending time together yet they are calling each other, quite complex although the last part are so distressing, it's inevitable ofc


well for a fastidious climax as this story grows, sure it cost bit of time to exposures the hole and fabricating the fine development, but it worth of time to read... it's pace might be fast but i eventually realize this it how it was... a cliffhanger ending? ofc i'm WTF all over but fear not it comes with the sequel with the differ title, Cavalier of the Abyss, and it still with ongoing status now ;D

at any case, this one is available at [Mangatraders] for download and [Onemanga] for online readers...

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Anonymous said...

For those that doesn't know, there's a sequel called Cavalier of the Abyss. That's why it leaves off at a cliffhanger. I'm not sure why, but it happened.


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