Thursday, October 15, 2009

11eyes: First Impression


Title: 11eyes
Producers: Dogakobo
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Harem
Recommendation Lvl: 4.5/5

11eyes is the second eroge adaptation by Dogakobo after Shin Koihime Musou in this autumn, dunno they're competing between the pure harem and yuri or what... nevertheless the animation still wise, nice opening and decent ending, somewhat it's quite pleasant for this type of show... ... since i didnt go for it's visual novel before, cant tell much about the plot but it got the same vibes as Chaos;Head...

the pace on the first episode are quite slow, it feel like there's a pause between the speech and ends it with a perfect cliffhanger though the timing has been fixed on the second episode... anyways a full course of pantyshots are quite bonus though but somehow it give some generic undergo and unexcited feeling... however, a-god-like instinct tell me through the whole episode it promising some superior plot plus i already attached to Misuzu ;D

anyhow it's an obvious flaw to recycle those tentacles fiend like to hide a green in a forest, well not until the badass boss are showing up, stuff is getting interesting ;3


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