Thursday, October 29, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: MOAR ANGE!!!


o hye~ i'm spamming over my Ange once again... finally, it's the real deal(episode 18)!!! Battler's half blooded little sister and the last endless witch! though somewhat i realize that her chest size are fairly smaller than visual novel version ;P ... nonetheless, Satou Rina's voice a.k.a. the infamous biri-biri fits her perfectly! this may ended the Episode 3(Banquet) and rise the curtain of Episode 4(Alliance) which is known well as Ange's arc that will make my wrath towards Bernkastel wakes from it slumber for god sake!


and here it goes, moar Umineko awesomeness, the notorious 'Umineko Motion Graphic' for Episode 4(Alliance) along with translation! it was a major spoilers, i has warn joo~! ofc Ange related ;D


ShinXII said...

her entrance is awesome

Shinwa said...

and attractive xD


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