Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nyan Koi!: First Impression


Title: Nyan Koi!
Producers: AIC
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Harem
Recommendation Lvl: 5/5

i dont know why because when i read the synopsis, Shamisen(Kyon's cat) image comes to mind lol... ok technically this is another harem show too in this fall but comes with a newly fresh concept being injected... i hasnt read the manga yet but this first episode is good enough for me to continue watching...

i'd say the animation is good, background effects etc... what can be expected from the one who responsible for Seto no Hanayome... and also i love the opening, it's like they give it all of their effort on it, the characters design are being executing well, very well unlike classical harem... on the other hand, not too good yet not a bad one either for it's ending ;3

conversely this might be the one of my favorite series in this season tough i didnt expecting much before this whilst didnt read it manga as well... cat lover should watch it, definitely! especially Fukuyama Jun plays as Tama zomgroflmfao~



rayneholde said...

i find it hard to choose any of the two, i guess i'll take both ufufun-

Shinwa said...

what do you mean 'two'? Kaede and Kanako?

well inb4 someone said, owh shi- do want the twins XD

rayneholde said...

aah yes, do want the twins as well. now that completes my polygamy quota lawl.


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