Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Figurine : Akiyama Mio [K-ON!]


Title: Akiyama Mio Original Costume Version
Company: Movic
Release Month: January 2010


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i gonna admit it, the design for this one is pretty nice but each time, WHY IT MUST BE MIO FIRST!!?? i'm despair because so far i just found Nendoroid Azusa u_u ... i bet after this, they might released Yui for sure...


rayneholde said...

teruyo of danbooru mentioned this one yesterday.

the sculpt / design for this one is as nice as alter's [ her detailed bass-get esp ] +gotta love the overall flow of the statue though i am not quite blown away with how the sculptor did her face.

in term of profit it is understandable why they would produce a mio first since her fanbase pwns the other 4 :3

Shinwa said...

it's reasonable about that(profit) indeed u_u


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