Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saimoe: The Biggest Zetsuboushita in Making


well then what i'm afraid of comes true, it appears that Aisaka Taiga manages to crowned 2 out of 3 moe tournament champion, Korean Best Moe; by beating Hiragi Kagami with only 3 votes gap and the latest result, Japanese Saimoe; by throwing Hirasawa Yui away with 54 votes gap... thus she named herself in saimoe history while i'm in the biggest despair, none of my favorite get through the final u_u

quite funny actually while she isnt favorable candidates in first place, be able to monopolize it... in fact she are struggling in ISML Double Elimination and later lost to Fate Testarossa with 62 votes gap, i'd say those gap are quite close if it was on ISML level compare to another 2 tournament... well yeah, the current spotlight obviously ISML with the well-known of the best 6, one will be the winner...

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