Monday, October 12, 2009

Kämpfer: First Impression


Title: Kämpfer
Producers: Nomad
Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Gender Bender
Recommendation Lvl: 4/5

damn, Natsuru is such a freaking perfect trap i've seen so far and now i've a mixed feeling to falling for her CAUGH! yes her and not him! if not because of Inoue Marina... but the seiyuu is indeed are one of the main attraction why i liking this show other than it's harem genre such as Nakajima Megumi, Horie Yui, Nazuka Kaori... not to forgot the plushie-doll-sound-like Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana lol

ok another decent concept were brought up for this autumn except the transgender one, and yet a typical mahou shoujo transformation scene obviously is a bonus since i like it lol... furthermore, Nomad exhibiting quite fine animation which is before this they were working on Rozen Maiden, and it isnt too exaggerated also isnt bad either, but still among the generic harem kinds ;3

again, i read it's manga very long ago for the first 2 chapter, didnt remember why i didnt continues read it but seeing that the anime already being stated it only comes with 12 episodes while it's manga still ongoing, can presume it will fare some fillers... but in this case i wont care much ;P



rayneholde said...

the trap is awesome, however the series doesn't fit in well for me mainly because the hero's voice doesn't sound right to me +i find some of the jokes a bit shallow.

dropped from my watchlist for the time being, but will resume watching it maybe when all other fall series ended their run :3

all in all, i greatly love the trap, if not i won't leech a lot of 'her' pics lol

Shinwa said...

first of all thing, i didnt like trap to begin with but in this case... i just only need to pretend that i'm being tricked he is a real girl lawlz


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