Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Belate Anniversary


yeah, i know it's 6 days late since i rarely went here these day... Gaia is now 1 year and a few days older for now on, i laugh when recall back my very first post back then, quite noob at that time and didnt know what should i write :P

many time this blog being renovated, add stuff etc etc and here now the result, nothing much can be proud off... moreover, i havent post some eroge review for the last 3 month lol unlike back then actively with those stuff ;3


rayneholde said...

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY GET GAIA. and may there be moar awesome posts in times to come :3

have a box of tsukiumi for the present :3

-best of wishes-
/hime/ and Zange of +ophanium

Shinwa said...

thanks for the support :3

i'll try to improve the production quality for the time being ;D


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