Monday, October 12, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi: The Goddess in Theaters

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this news has been revealed last week but i kinda forgot to post it here lol... ok it announces that the most promising arc in Suzumiya Haruhi chronicle, the Disappearance arc will come as movie on the next year in spring season... original full course can be find [here]

it's wise enough for KyoAni making this arc as a movie... for a premise which are rich with their animation and arts, moreover while there isnt any show from them in this autumn means they already goin' all out and ofc it can results something more remarkable masterpiece ;D

many questions about their capability running this movie after the Endless Eight, but i dont give a damn about that since i guess the real purpose of those 'deja vu' trolling is just to buying time ;P ... well, the teaser comes later and it can be observed below...

prosperous! deredere Yuki which is the reason why many become a fan of her and definitely something that cant be miss... more long haired Haruhi and ofc the phoenix down-ed Asakura as well ;3

p/s: at this time i wonder how long to wait until they reached Sasaki's arc :/


rayneholde said...


god bless for yuki's movie.

and they should make one for the haruhi-chan version as well. awesome otaku yuki is awesome :D

BlueberryLover said...

I just hope that Japanese associations will not request a ban on torrent-sharer IPs on the movie once the DVD comes out.

Shinwa said...

priority come 1st lol

in that case, i dare to negotiate with my wallet spending some on it's DVD lol


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