Thursday, January 22, 2009

The I's life

[i warning that dont read this stuff since it's just a non sense]

what with i? i dont want this i! what i want is i's waifu~

-i wake up at 12.00 a.m. after 3 hours sleeping
-i open i's notebook near i's head and seeing i's waifu picture >///<
-i lunching the Winamp playing some geimu OST, turned the volume loudly~
-i take a bath
-i preparing myself
-i turned off i-awesomeness-notebook
-i pray
-i 'kacau2' i's housemate who have a nice dreamz where some of them have a class tomorrow morning
-i wearing as simple as i can and pack my stuff for the lulz of some low-class wireless
-i ride my bike towards the near mamak's stall
-i encounter some roadblock by so-called 'otek' looking for some 'rempit' guys
-i manage to escape using a shortcut and almost hit a frog
-i arrive at so-called mamak's stall and observing around for some nice and clean port XD
-i feel unlucky those i see there is almost half-dozen of people using those low-class wireless
-i dont care since already arrive here and a nice port is confirm
-i unpack my stuff and the real mission started here
-i call the absolutely-not-a-moe-but-rather-sickening waiter for a glass of 'teh tarik'
-i download animu/mango/geimu at the usual places
-i upload some stuff
-i read the new lulzing stuff
-i posting/spaming some non-sense stuff
-i lurking moar and moar *ehem2* stuff
-i feel bored suddenly
-i plug-in the awesomeness earphone in i's ear and lunching the Winamp with awesomeness music
-i look at i's watch and i "wtf! it's already 4.30 a.m.?"
-i write this non-sense stuff
-i noticed that some of people using wireless already gone and i see the downloading speed increase to the awesomeness level
-i ordered another glass of teh tarik
-i saw 75% of my uploading stuff already completed
-i fell bored again
-i look at i's right
-i look at i's left then eventhough it is a wall beside i's left
-i play eroge called Tayutama
-i closed it back since the line is not clear XP
-i feel disappoint since i didnt bought i's awesomeness PSP
-i publishing this no-sense particle post...

i feel sorry for those who read this awe-inspiring work of art lol



BbL-Kevinus said...

i totally confused

Shinwa said...

originally it is to make people confused lol


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