Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shin Koihime Musou: Gi faction


Gi’s Chronicle flow
it is extensive indeed, obviously longer than Go’s storyline... first they faced Go forces and then Shoku’s where the battle is somewhat a disadvantages for Gi... also, i got a hard time to win the some of the skirmish... facing Kihabatou, Tou, En, Gi, Shoku and Gi allied with Shoku in the last conflict...

unlike Shoku but familiar with Gi, Kazuto status in Go is not as a master but still with high status person while the others called Sousou, Karin-sama but she more prefer him call her Karin... i just lol when Karin command him to find a suitable job, ahead of his confusion he just pick to be a librarian instead and later be scorn by Karin when she’s find out...

Target spotted
neither in Shoku nor Go route, obviously they are in Gi route... Cou’s sister indeed, twist by the history fact, they acts as a performance where got a bunch of die-hard-fans who so-called Yellow Turban/Kihabatou lawl and later they join Gi forces... Coukaku/Tenhou’s airhead is win!

History alteration
Kakoen who should die in the battle at Mountain Din Jun but being saves by Kazuto’s knowledge about ROTK and later he done it again at the battle of Chi Bi where Sousou/Karin should lost, mean time Kougai, the one who succeed this battle plan got killed...

Final battle
it was like hell even with Karin’s army outnumbered Ryuubi/Touka’s (500000 vs 300000), they got support from Sonsaku/Sheren and another 5 Tiger General... the effect of they power somehow give me wtf!

Characters clash
not complete this battle without characters quarrel especially when Karin rushed toward the enemy camp intended for challenge Touka alone... they are arch nemesis afterall but somehow i find Touka being bullied by Karin...

Kakoton vs Sankoku
Chouryou vs Kan’u
Kakouen vs Kouchuu
Kyocho vs Chouhi
Gakushin, Riten and Ushin vs Chou’un and Kousonsan
Sousou vs Ryuubi

Gi's ending
unfortunately, despite that the Gi faction has the longest fiction than Gi faction; it is sad ending... just after Karin won the final battle, she consoling Ryuubi and Sonsaku to join her and they accept it... meanwhile at that night, Kazuto and Karin have their own last talk and Kazuto vanish within thin air and can be tell all over that he is back to his old world leave Karin alone though she just realize it he already gone... later on after the ending song, it show that all 3 faction live happily and last scene, Karin thanks to him...

now already completed 2 of 3 faction and will continue the Shoku faction after this... well, i think i should started it from the beginning again to avoid any confusion lawl...

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