Monday, January 5, 2009

Shin Koihime Musou: Go faction

Sonken is the most favorite in Go faction despite this time there is no twincest sibling...

Battle flow:

Yellow turban forces
-nameless commander
-saves Sonken
-since the beginning Sonsaku planed to unite Kazuto and Sonken

Toutaku's army
-like always, Kayu and Ryofu as the commander

Enjutsu's army
-spoiled brat that makes Sonsaku pissed lawl

Sousou's army
-attacked by Gi
-Sonsaku died

Go rebel army
-nameless commander
-due to Sonsaku died

Ryofu and Chinkyuu
-got attacked
-ambush them and makes them retreat

-attacked them coz giving aid to Ryofu and Chinkyuu
-Ryofu and Chinkyuu as a commander
-Kan’u and Shokatsuryou as a commander

-ambush by Gi army
-allied with Shoku

Battle of Chi Bi
-3 continuous skirmishes
-won the battle by way of Shuri and Meirin ‘s plot but the result, Meirin dies just after the battle due to her illness...

who knows that this faction contain sad scene where they leader died... i'm almost cry too lawl... but somewhat, this faction have a fewest character compare to another 2 and also the shortest story too where it ends just after the battle of Chi Bi...

whatever is, harem ending for this faction is awesome indeed but somhow i'm more prefer only KazutoXRenfa ending XD


Aoki-sama said...

Look interesting, got translation patch yet? xD

Shinwa said...

yup, it is interesting... unfortunately no any translation for now, even the previous version still havent any... u_u

kaitokid said...

is there any news on shin koihime musou getting a translation??
i really wan one cause some how agth didnt work well for this game
and i cant play it since i dont know japanese

Hongou Kazuto said...

the only one that has a patch is it's predecessor "Koihime Musou" this one well... let's just wait for around 4 -9 years.. at least.. anyways.. just use ITH or AGTH for now.. T^T


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