Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too much Awesomeness!!!


it's has been 4 month since i started blogging and now it's already reach the 100 posts... admitting too much mistake i've made in a view of the fact that i'm not good in engerish lawl, also some of the post has been made rushly due to lack of spending time in cc a.k.a pay-for-the-internuts, i'll try to fix it in the future and as well lengthen the words XP

officially started at 29/9/2008... with lacking abilities as a writer, i just put something random and a greater part is a picture that can pleased my eye... majority i just highlighting about anime/manga/eroge stuff and not to forget uploading some music edit it myself, for this winter series, still haven't start it yet :3


BbL-Kevinus said...

Heh, it is also amazing to calculate the number of hours spent on anime/manga per year.

I've seen people post 10+ posts a day on some blogs.

Shinwa said...

lol, i didnt calculate it but it is clearly show how many post i've done...


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