Sunday, January 18, 2009

Top 3 manga in this weeks!

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 132
it's out daaa~ 2 weeks without To-Love-Ru is completely mess-up my life lawl... like always, Rito is purely lucky bastard DX

Gurren Gakuen Hen: Chapter 4
another awesomeness manga of the week, i just wtf when Kamina suddenly kissed Yoko DX... oh well, beach gurls ftw!

Ga-Rei: Chapter 29
thanks to Kuu-scanlation for picking this series... just after watching it's prequel and continue by reading it's manga, nothing is awesome other than that :D


BbL-Kevinus said...

Is To Love Ru manga any good? I've read black cat and tried reading to love ru and was disappointed in the first few chapters.

Shinwa said...

haha, for me it is good as it is despite that this series is a kind of plotless-type... all the girls is awesome and totally pleasant for eyecandy >///<


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