Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shin Koihime Musou: Final thought


at last, completed all routes including the fourth 'locked' route for this eroge

-more character being added
-awesome battle system
-awesome opening, insert and ending song
-awesome bgm for the skirmish
-absolutely an easy battle if Renfa be a main commander
-touching moment for Gi and Go faction route is superb plus impressive climax
-nice ending for all 3 faction especially for Gi faction, truly show the harem ending XD
-almost all gurls get ram-ed XD
-splendid loli's tag, Shuri and Hinari
-replay mode for all scene available

-in fact that more character added, there are less CG for each character
-average 2 sex scene for each characters
-Shoku faction route's climax rather disappointed and quite fishy
-freaking less character in Go faction, totally contradict with the previous version
-lolwut! futanari in my eroge DX
-the hidden route or the fourth route is sickening DX eventhough have a nice eyecandy by Karin
-honestly, the previous version have a better plot and story
-Aisha is not a virgin anymore Y_Y
-they try to make variety with 3 routes but in the end, we got 2 same scene for Shoku and Gi at the battle of Chi Bi


Shoku end with combination of all 3 faction live happily together same case with Go ending but it just the final enemy for Shoku is a barbarian with 999999 army... nothing impressed, in the end Kazuto origin remains unclear unlike the previous one, he's back to his old world with a chosen gurl follow him back...

7/10 for the last call... put an high expectation was a bad idea, it cant be helped since the 1st one superb... just hope they will make a sequel or a new version to fix this blunder...


BbL-Kevinus said...

lol this game has H scenes? yuri? :O

Shinwa said...

lol, this one is obviously a H-game...

Astraea said...

sooo what happens to Shu Faction ending?

shinwa said...

they won the war, and nothing much happened afterward.. no romantic scene bet. the characters or even comedy, it just Kazuto chatter thoughtlessly about about what's gonna happened next and it end just like that..

LuigyH said...

Can't wait for this game to be translated I played through Koihime Musou (yes the first game is translated from mangagamer) Visit Http://

Anonymous said...

So far after the shin koihime musou there was only another koihime game which i forgot the name where there are all three factions in one setting with main char as leader.

Lelouch said...

HEY! Admin! What do you mean in the con section when you said that Kan'u wasn't a Virgin anymore?
Who did her first if it was not Kazuto?, and who the Hell Is that New Guy with the Red Hair? and also that Gay Butler Dude that was with Chousen?, Please I'm Dying to Know!, Especially the part about Aisha not being a Virgin anymore!, If anyone knows the answers to my questions please Message me in my E mail add, or visit my account in Youtube , ZeroRequiemGX , or facebook, just search my e mail there and my screen name is Lelouch Lamperouge, please if anyone knows tell me cause my curiosity is already OVER 9000!

Lelouch said...

This is Definitely my 5th favorite, My first one is Muv Luv Alternative(Other Muv Luv Series also included).
2nd is Koihime Mosou (The Original first Game)
3rd is The President is My Girl Friend.
4th is Wanko To Karasou

Shallow Mist said...

Admins, you are wrong.. Aisha is still a virgin... Want proof? See this..

Even though it's censored, you can see clearly that blood are running down his dick. See? DID YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT HIS DICK WOULD BE BLEEDING ALL THE TIME?

Lelouch Tohsaka said...

Thank the heavens, I was so shocked when I heard Aisha wasn't a virgin!!!


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