Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter series

harem with rarely concept they try to pull out, a tin can become a [nice] gurl when kissu... i mean drink it... then i just wow! another lucky bastart spotted...

my first intuition 'oh! another yuri series' but later, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru come in my mind when learn that Maria is a boy [lol]... SHAFT animation style really nice and unique like usual but still not an awesome as Ef - a Tale of series :3

White Album
it appeared to be a drama-slice-of-life style with a very bad background music for me at least... i'll just stay with this one since Nana Mizuki and Aya Hirano is in the cast list plus both of the is an awesome singer in this so-called idol series... kinda appropriate i suppose...

Asu no Yoichi
no need to enlighten anymore, this series is a MUST for me... harem candidates among the Ikagura's sister plus samurai concept, nice animation and character design more and less near it's manga... the 1st episode is fairly pleasant also an excellent OP and ED song...

Minami-ke Okaeri
the 3rd season of Minami's sista for the LULZ... furthermore, Minami-ke series never fails me bout it's OP and ED song...

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
slightly, i didnt even get it an idea they trying to brought up but still will stayed with this one since an awesome person is here... yeah, future Lelouch and now he is an A.I. thingy with a full of LULZ~ ... for it's animation, what more can be expected from Sunrice :3

another one from Sunrice but brutality overload, no safe for kids indeed... other than that, an outstanding fighting scene should be emphasize too...


Aoki-sama said...

Akikan dont have the impact fer me,

Asu no yoichi (currently about to watch it)

Minami-ke well I love the 1st season, skip the 2nd, the 3rd one.. quite good I guess..

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, @ 1st impression I tot this gunna be another magical girl like nanoha or something but it turns out pretty interesting and fresh so lets see what gonna happen. Good potential.

Kurokami.. gore? but well the effects was quite good and all lets hope not just on 1st episode...

Aoki-sama said...

How do I push edit button? lol no edit button,

Watched Asu no Yoichi, impact ga aru, daga why they changes the plot >_>? quite different from the manga but well might as well follows...

BbL-Kevinus said...

Oh god one more season of Minamike.
They gatta be kiddin' me.
Anyhow, so white album is out! That game is known as the "white drug" or w/e right?
And I always thought that girl from ashita no yoichi had black hair -_-

Akikan is scary.
I mean tin cans are asexual, right?
Damn, now we're getting some new orientations.
Straight -> Gay/Lesbian -> Bi -> OMNISEXUAL

either way, more service animes = yay yay yay for us guys haha

Sometimes I think that I should have never started watching animes or reading mangas. It is scary how many hours are spent weekly in the 2D world ha ha.

Speaking of new animes, did you watch the OVA called KissXSis?

Shinwa said...

sory, i didnt know how to add any edit button :P

Minami-ke, dont skip it lol...

for Asu no Yoichi, some plot changing may looks like a filler indeed

lol yeah, KissXSis is a pure win-incest-ness with a boundless ecchi stuff XD


about Akikan!, more likely the gurl looks like mahou shoujo lol... but sometimes the hard gay joke is overrated, that's the minus point...

Aoki-sama said...

yea I been thinking about edit button lately so Im just trying to ask around xD

Its not like I want to skip anything, their story are mostly enjoyable but for 2nd season, the atmosphere just different, I dont feel like watching minami >_>?

KissXSis blow both for OVA / Manga xDDD MOOOARRRR~~ *barks*

Shinwa said...

hahaha... becoz compare to season 1, it's animation is more good looking though :3

Aoki-sama said...

Tag tag tag tag tag... affufufu


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