Friday, November 28, 2008

Allison to Lillia


This series takes place in a time roughly equivalent to the 1930s in our world. The world is divided into two cultures by a towering mountain range and huge river, and at the time of the story, the two cultures have been at war for hundreds of years. Allison, an air force pilot, and her childhood friend Will (pronounced Vill), who has a photographic memory, end up stealing an airplane and chasing some kidnappers across the river into the other country. Fortunately, they speak both languages.


firstly, I once drop this series judging from it’s character design is so unattractive.. . but when I read there’re a good spec in this one, I started d/l-ing it again and I suppose it is not waste my time, Allison and Will stared their journey once they learn about how to stop the war between 2 land, I should say it is more like Indiana Jones parody since it is using around WW and WW2 setting, and it slip it with mindrape’s arc each 4-ep, after half of this series passes, Lillia has been introduced as a Allison and Will ‘s daughter and this time her journey with Treize, well, more like she is unwillingly take in herself in trouble unlike her mother in fact that people around her is no ordinary status, Will now is a high rank in military intelligent department, Allison as a special air force group and Treize is a prince where his parent and Lillia’s know each others...

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